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You can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Fold from tomorrow

The long-awaited Samsung folding smartphone can be pre-ordered from tomorrow, Saturday. But at what price? We'll tell you about it in this article.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Location-Based Marketing: How to Send Geographically Significant Push Notifications

Location-based marketing is marketing that contains messaging specific to where a person is currently at in the world. These messages are often viewed on mobile devices in the form of push notifications.To identify someone’s location and deliv...

OneDrive for Android now sports fingerprint authentication to lock your files

Now you can use biometrics to keep your OneDrive files a little more secure. Microsoft is bolstering OneDrive's security prowess on Android with the adoption of fingerprint authentication for locking down your files. The feature is now rolling out to ...

Artificial Intelligence and music merge in Sonar

Generate music from our brain activity? This is the starting point for one of the Sónar+D activities/activities held in Barcelona in July.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.)...

Google Calendar gets new out of office and work hour tools

Rolling out to all G Suite users in the next couple weeks. Google spent a lot of time at I/O talking about its new focus on helping people with their digital wellbeing, and the latest efforts with this initiative come in the form of a couple new features...

Can artificial intelligence really eradicate disease?

Artificial intelligence has more potential than you might think. The field of medicine is beginning to appreciate its virtues and some see it as a doorway to the eradication of diseases. Let's take a look at the use of AI in medicine.(This is a preview - ...

You can use the Pixelbook's power button as a two-factor authentication key

The functionality is available now in the Developer Channel. Being safe and secure online is critical these days, and one of the best ways to go about that is by using two-factor authentication. USB security keys are one of the safest ways to use 2FA, bu...

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