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Xiaomi rethinks annoying advertising policy on smartphones

If you have a Xiaomi smartphone with MIUI, you have seen how ads appear on the screen of your mobile. After multiple complaints, a change is coming.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Hands-on: BlackBerry hopes to attract new clientele with Key2 LE

The Canadian brand BlackBerry took advantage of IFA to present its new smartphone: the BlackBerry Key2 LE. In our introduction, we'll explain why this smartphone deserves your attention. Find out in our hands-on!(This is a preview - click here to read the...

Moto G6 Specifications & Features: All details at a glance

Lenovo's sub-brand Motorola is planning to launch its next group of phones, which will include Moto G6 and G6 Plus, the successors of Moto G series and a Moto G6 Play. Many leaks and rumors regarding these smartphones have been coming since past few weeks...

HP iPAQ rx3715

The HP iPAQ rx3715is a solid, flexible PocketPC with intriguing multimedia features....

Apple Grew Revenue in 2018 Q2 but was Displaced by Huawei in Terms of Unit Sales

Apple continued to grow in Q2 2018, but the unit growth rate slowed to +1% YoY. Apple slipped to the third position in global smartphone market by volume, following Samsung and Huawei. This is the first time ever since 2010. In order to grow iPhone’...

Note 9? Give me a reason it's worth waiting for

Are you anxiously waiting for the Note 9? Really? Personally, I'm not getting to excited about its release. The Note line, in my opinion, no longer has the following that it used to. And the S-Pen isn't enough to make the device stand out from the competi...

Solution! How To Fix My Smartphone That Restarts Over and Over

Normally, I don’t have the mindset of publishing this post for now but I have to do that because i got this question(topic above) from a one of my site visitors recently so I want to attend to it and make everyone aware of it.There are different reasons w...

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