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Which Android Tablets Should You Buy For Under $100?

There are a number of reasons to buy a cheap tablet, but which ones are worth your money? Tablets are incredibly useful, but if you're buying one for under $100, you're going to have to settle for some compromises. From durability issues to potentially (...)

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Your Windows 7 PC won't be safe from 2020 onward

The countdown timer has started for Windows 7. In one year, Microsoft will officially stop supporting the operating system with security patches.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.)...

Galaxy A9 official with quad camera, 8GB RAM: this is a mid-range?

Samsung has just presented the Galaxy A9 with four main cameras on the back. Not only that, but the internal specs and features seem to defy the expected 'mid-range' feature set of the Galaxy A series. Here's what we know about Samsung's intriguing new s...

Start a new game with the retro SNK NEOGEO Mini International console

40 retro games are packed into this tiny game console. It's time to relive the arcade glory days. Just yesterday SNK announced that its NEOGEO Mini International game console will become available to pre-order in the US on September 12 — as in, t...

Best Google Pixel 2 XL Cases

What are the best cases for the Google Pixel 2 XL? The Google Pixel 2 XL is a beautifully designed phone — especially if you snagged the panda/Stormtrooper Black and White edition. But as much as you'll want to show it off, you're also going to w...

Everything we know about the Valve Index VR headset

Valve Index is the new VR headset from the Steam creators. Here's everything we know, including specs, release, accessories and more.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.)...

LG G7 One hands-on: does it offer more than just Android One?

LG recently presented the G7 One and for the first time relies on pure Android software. Is that enough of a sales argument or does LG have a few more tricks up its sleeve? We tried the smartphone IFA and we'll describe our experience here.(This is a prev...

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