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Want a Pixelbook 2 or Pixel Slate 2? Don't hold your breath

Reports from Google's headquarters in Mountain View indicate that the company wants to take a break from the tablet and laptop markets.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Sony's tiny PS1 classic with 20 games values your childhood at $100

Yes, now it's time for Sony to offer its own 'mini' retro-console, and of course it starts with the iconic PlayStation. This miniaturized version of the classic console comes loaded with games and two controllers for co-op mode. The price of nostalgia? Ju...

The Best Sprint Phones of 2018

If you've chosen Sprint as your carrier, look no further than these top-rated handsets. Sprint offers constant, super-low-cost promotions, perhaps more than any other major wireless carrier. If you choose Sprint for your mobile service, these top-rated ph...

Net neutrality could be making a comeback thanks to newly introduced bill

The bill's being led by Republican Representative Mike Coffman. Net neutrality may be no more, but thanks to the efforts of various members throughout the government, steps are being taken to reinstate its principles back into the country. On July 17, Re...

These are the best Android phones for playing Fortnite

Fortnite is a graphics-intensive game that demands a powerful phone, and the Galaxy Note 8 is your best option. Our Pick Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $750 at Amazon $699 at Samsung Best phone for Fortnite. The Galaxy Note 8 may soon be usurped by the No...

Moto Z3 Play review: Buy it on sale

Specs. I've read every Moto Z3 Play review to date and most of them focus on how the phone, at $499, lacks a compelling value proposition against a clearly superior phone like the OnePlus 6. That's certainly one way to look at it, but the other, better...

Grab Samsung's unlocked Galaxy S8 for $500 or S8+ for $590

Amazon has the unlocked 64GB Samsung Galaxy S8 on sale for just $499.99 and the larger Galaxy S8+ on sale for $589.99. These normally sell for $724.99 and $824.99 respectively, and these are the best prices that we've ever seen on them. The Galaxy S8 rec...

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