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The Gocycle GX is an electric folding bike for your commute

If a normal e-bike is too big for you and you have to squeeze into the next train, this foldable e-bike could be just what you've been looking for.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Catalyst Galaxy S9 Impact Protection Case review: Jack of all trades

Catalyst provides excellent protection in a sleek, stylish package. Way back in 2014, a Kickstarter was launched for an iPhone 4 case called the EscapeCapsule. It was a fully-enclosed waterproof case that went on to collect nearly $55,000 in funding fr...

Best Waterproof Pouches for Android Phones

Brace your phone. Summer is coming. Whether you're heading somewhere awesome and wet for your vacation like the Bahamas, or you're intending to bring your phone along as you go tubing on the Comal River, a waterproof pouch is an easy way to protect you...

Surface Go vs Chromebooks: Which should you buy?

Chromebooks are taking over, and Microsoft's new Surface Go aims to halt that. When a company makes a computer "for schools" these days, what that really means is that product is positioned to compete with Chromebooks. Google's lightweight OS and the i...

Samsung may launch a Galaxy phone with four cameras on October 11

Samsung's next Galaxy phone may feature four rear cameras. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 earlier this month, but it looks like the company isn't done yet. The South Korean manufacturer is set to unveil its next phone at "A Galaxy Event" on October...

Every PlayStation 4 title announced at Gamescom 2018

Get ready for all the exciting news Gamescom is a massive gaming event held in Europe every year since about 2009. It's back now in 2018 and boy do they have quite a few titles waiting for us. If you're just as hype for this as I am, and you're just as...

Hands-on with the Honor View 20: no more notch, hello hole

While Honor will announce the View 20 in Europe in Paris on January 22nd, it is at the CES in Las Vegas that we were able to take the device in hand.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.)...

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