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Spotify to suspend accounts of users with ad blockers

Spotify is taking a harder stance on ad blockers. The company has updated its Terms of Service stating that your account can be terminating for using one.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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BlackBerry 7100t

A new approach for BlackBerry. The first BlackBerry device to work equally well for e-mail, IM, Web browsing, and as a phone....

Travis Touch is a "universal translator" – but is it too late?

Of all the cool gadgets in Star Trek, one of the least-appreciated is the universal translator, which lets the crew of the Enterprise – or Voyager, or Discovery – talk to pretty much anyone through their communicators. So...

You don't need the latest and greatest tech to build a smart home

Even the oldest smart home tech is still pretty new anyway. Smart homes are en vogue these days, and they come in all sorts of varying degrees. You can start off with just a couple of smart light bulbs, then gradually work your way up to a smart thermo...

Mysterious data breach: Amazon is silent, experts puzzled

Names and email addresses of Amazon customers could be seen openly on the net, but security should not be compromised - can that really be true? The processes involved in the current data breach at Amazon are puzzling.(This is a preview - click here to re...

Ultimate Ears' Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker drops to just $75 in various colors

Blast your music everywhere you go. Amazon has a variety of UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speakers on sale for just $74.99 today, which is the lowest price we've ever seen on this popular speaker. Most of these colors have never seen a price drop from the origin...

Android Pie's new Overview is giving first-party launchers a big advantage

Would you rather have a good Overview or a good launcher? Android Pie is here and it's got goodies for everyone — except for third-party launchers, it seems. Android Pie overhauled the recent apps screen when it switched over to the new gesture n...

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