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Samsung Galaxy S10+ review: a flagship with (few) compromises

After a whole week spent in the company of Galaxy S10+ we are ready to talk about it in every aspect in our full review.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Xiaomi Black Shark performance test: enough power for gamers

Xiaomi is now also trying its hand in the very critical gaming markets and is trying to put a dent in the Razer Phone's customer base with the Black Shark. We tested the Android smartphone to see if it fits the needs of gamers and if it's worthwhile to im...

Qualcomm Solves a Key 5G Problem for Phones

New millimeter wave antenna modules mean 5G phones are on track for early next year....

The Best iPhone 6s Plus and 6 Plus Cases

Opt for the larger iPhone? Here are the best cases to personalize and protect your iPhone 6s Plus or 6 Plus. One drop and that Retina display becomes a spider web of shattered glass. But fear not, as nearly every case maker under the sun wants to help pro...

[NEW EBOOK] Here's Your Handy Guide To App User Engagement

  When it comes to app user engagement, the numbers speak for themselves. App marketers have mastered the art of acquiring new users, but while it’s on the rise retention still needs a lot of work:  ...

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo will come with Android Oreo and Dual Camera Setup

The features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo smartphone have leaked in a manual. The leaked manual shows that the Galaxy J7 Duo will come with a Dual Camera Setup at the rear. This is going to be the first Samsung's J series smartphone fea...

Motorola tells us how it will win in Europe

Antony Barounas is the new man at the helm of Lenovo/Motorola Europe, setting the direction for the smartphone business. During IFA 2018, we were able to talk to the Vice President and General Manager Europe of Lenovo's Mobile Business Group about his vis...

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