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Problems with the Google Pixel 3 microphone are spoiling calls

The microphone of the Pixel 3, Google's flagship, is causing an annoying problem when making calls. Are you affected too?(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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The Hottest Mobile App Marketing Trends for Fall 2018

For the last few years, every mobile marketing trends piece seems to include the words “AI” and “mobile pay” somewhere. Admittedly those are always trending and new possibilities are entering those respective arenas, hence their constant inclu...

Everyone crying on the subway? Life is Strange just hit the Play Store

Life Is Strange, Square Enix's smash hit adventure game, has finally landed on the Play Store after being available on iOS for some months. Now Android users can finally enjoy Life is Strange in all its beauty and weirdness, teen drama and time travel inc...

GOSH! Nokia Sues Apple For Infrigement

Though we have been expecting to see any Nokia smartphones powered by Android but notwithstanding, they are already making waves everywhere.Nokia lawsuit lists infringement by virtually every version of iPhone, including the latest iPhone 7 down to iPho...

Lenovo-Motorola Shipments and Revenues Decline in Q1 2018, but US Gives Hope

Lenovo-Motorola announced weak Q1 2018 results, including a -21% YoY decline in smartphone shipments, -24% YoY decline in wholesale revenue and a decreased ASP. Global smartphone marketshare of 2.7% in 1Q 2018 is lowest ever for the company. The daunting...

Everything a Mobile App Team Should Know About Google I/O 2018

Google kicked off their I/O conference in Mountain View yesterday. Like last year, there was a strong emphasis on AI and AI-powered experiences in the Google Assistant, including a compelling demo of Google Assistant having real phone conversa...

Here's what the much-hyped Note 9 S-Pen will actually do

Rumors announce a new S-Pen for the Galaxy Note 9 and if it seems to be technologically revolutionary, its features are not particularly clear. The veil is lifted today as well as on other features of the device: battery capacity and wireless charging.(Th...

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