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Pixel 4: the features Google should borrow from the Galaxy S10

After comparing the Pixel 3 XL to my Galaxy S10+, I'm increasingly of the opinion that Google should take some cues from Samsung for the Pixel 4.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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How To Calculate & Improve Your Retail App’s ROI

Think about the last few retail purchases you made. Were they in-store? Online? For me, they were all via my iPhone. Specifically, using that far too easy one-click buy from Amazon. ...

HP iPAQ hx4700

The gorgeous, super-powerful HP iPaq hx4700 PocketPC is simply waiting for the software that will make it truly shine....


The linebacker-sized Mobile ESPN MVP is a winner for sports fans....

Samsung P735

The Samsung P735 is a fun high-end multimedia phone with an unusual flip-and-swivel screen....

How to change your Apple Watch band

The Apple Watch supports removable watch bands, and the process of switching out your band is quick and easy. Here's how you do it.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.)...

Google Chrome is now available in VR with Daydream

You can use it on the Daydream View and Lenovo Mirage Solo. Google's Daydream virtual reality platform has a lot going for it, and starting today, it's getting a big upgrade with support for an official Chrome web browser. All of the features you know...

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