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Nvidia's AI turns doodles into photorealistic images

Nvidia's latest project is an AI that conjures up photorealistic images from scribbling. They could create whole game worlds this way in the future.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Google Pay: Everything you need to know

Here's what you should know about Google's big bet to take on Apple Pay. Gone are the days of messing with Android Pay and Google Wallet. Instead, the home of all things mobile payments on Android now rests on the shoulders of Google Pay. Google Pay f...

Android P should just adopt Motorola's one-button navigation gestures instead

Moto is once again improving upon the base of Android. We're getting closer to the launch of Android P — Google dropped the final developer preview just last week, and we're expecting to see the finished product released later this month. Whether...

How to hide files, photos and videos on Android

Do you have saved pictures or files on your Android that you don't want anybody to see? There is a trick: You can hide certain files and pictures so that only you can find them again, without using an additional app. We'll show you how!(This is a preview ...

BlackBerry KEY2 vs. BlackBerry KEYone: Should you upgrade?

The price you pay for loving KEY. The BlackBerry KEY2 didn't have to overdeliver — it just had to deliver. Instead, BlackBerry Mobile listened to the complaints leveled against the first-generation KEYone and managed to address nearly every one o...

Will Huawei Survive Under the US Ban?

Huawei is facing mounting headwinds under the US ban. Google is reportedly to suspend Android license and Google Mobile Service to Huawei today. This will pose a big risk in overseas markets. Will Huawei survive without key components and IP lic...

SDK 5.1: GDPR Compliance and more

Our latest SDK release contains important functionality for supporting GDPR compliance as well as a few bug fixes and enhancements. If your app needs to be GDPR compliant, you’ll want to make sure you immediately update your apps to 5.1 and ta...

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