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Facebook takes down then reinstates Elizabeth Warren campaing ads

Facebook is in hot water once again. The company removed and then reinstated Elizabeth Warren campaign ads which called for the break up of big tech.(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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Could this be the 'cheap' iPhone we've been waiting for?

We are about to see a new crop of iPhones in a triple pack. One of them will be the iPhone XC with a larger choice of colors, reminiscent of the cheap iPhone 5C we know from history. But how cheap can a cheap iPhone be nowadays?(This is a preview - click ...

Hands-on: BlackBerry hopes to attract new clientele with Key2 LE

The Canadian brand BlackBerry took advantage of IFA to present its new smartphone: the BlackBerry Key2 LE. In our introduction, we'll explain why this smartphone deserves your attention. Find out in our hands-on!(This is a preview - click here to read the...

Jaybird X3 vs. Jaybird Freedom 2: How do these wireless headphones compare?

We're a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. While Android is our passion, we also know that a great pair of headphones is the perfect companion to any phone. Jaybird X3 All-around champ $95 - $119 at Amazon Pros Margina...

Solution! How To Fix My Smartphone That Restarts Over and Over

Though I don’t have the intension of publishing this post for now but I have to do that because i got this question(topic above) from a one of my site visitors recently so I want to attend to it and make everyone aware of it.There are different reaso...

Eight hours with Assasins Creed: Odyssey wasn't enough

No stilettos, no cloaks, and no clue what is happening in the modern world right now. Kassandra is one hit from death, her third in my attempt to defeat the Athenian hero sent to defeat the Spartan incursion on Megaris. As my sweaty hands tighten aroun...

The Best AT&T Phones of 2018

We've rounded up AT&T's top handsets to help you decide what to buy for your next upgrade. AT&T is one of the four big carriers in the US. We've rounded up its top-rated phones to help you decide what to buy for your next upgrade....

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