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Can smarter homes lead to domestic bliss?

Smart home devices for household chores can save us time, but could they also reduce domestic disputes and make couples happier?(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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XiaoMi in Q1 2018: Robust Growth Ahead of IPO

Xiaomi continued its strong momentum in Q1 2018. Its volume growth soared +125% annually, outperforming all major rivals. It overtook OPPO and became the world 4th largest smartphone vendor by volume this quarter. Xiaomi’s growth is fuelled by its r...

Huawei 2018 Analyst Event Day Two: AI and Cloud to Unlock Growth for Smartphone Business

Following day one blog on Huawei analyst event, day two focused on the breakout sessions organized by different business groups. Our analysts from Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) service joined the consumer bus...

[EBOOK]: Must-Read Mobile Marketing Stats

Every six months, Localytics publishes benchmark data that showcases trends in app engagement and retention. Like any benchmark, this data helps our customers and other mobile marketers gauge the performance of their app.While analyzing our be...

PUBG Mobile update: first person, emotes, armory and more

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, was one of the most played games on consoles and PCs in the last year. Now the game is finally available on the Play Store for Android users worldwide. Check this page for the all the latest updates on P...

We played the hardcore Asus ROG Phone, and it doesn't disappoint

Smartphones for gamers, that's the next big thing - says Asus at least. This is something up for debate, but ROG Phone will no doubt be hard to beat in this category. We tried it out, and came away very impressed!(This is a preview - click here to read th...

OPPO Find X hands-on: beautiful, innovative and expensive

OPPO organized an event in Paris, where in addition to announcing its return to the international market, it also presented the Find X. It's a high-end smartphone that is trying to compete with some fierce competition. But what exactly is the newcomer foc...

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