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10 cool things to do with your Amazon Echo Show

Why buy an Amazon Echo Show? Because it offers special functions not available on other smart speakers! Here are the ones you need to know!(This is a preview - click here to read the entire entry.) (...)

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What Galaxy Note 9 color are you getting?

This time around, U.S. customers get Ocean Blue and Lavender Purple at launch. Samsung's been known to dabble with exciting colors for its smartphones, and with the Galaxy Note 9, that's no different. While other parts of the world get more traditional M...

Motorola RAZR V3m

The Motorola RAZR V3m adds a WMA-compatible music player to Verizon's best-looking phone....

Why Android is vital to Microsoft's software and services strategy

Android and is now a key player in Microsoft's overall software and services strategy — and that's a good thing for Microsoft. When Microsoft announced that it was stepping away from its smartphone efforts, there were quite a few of us who were w...

palmOne Tungsten E2

The Tungsten E2 is a good choice for a basic business PDA. It looks good, and displays PIM data and office documents in an attractive manner....

Tips and Tricks for Better Smartphone Photography

For many, phones have completely replaced dedicated digital cameras, but even pros reach for their iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones to snap images from time to time. Here's how to take better pics with your smartphone....

High-end smartphones: we need a new premium concept

High-end smartphones are expensive, more than ever before. Despite this development, however, manufacturers still do not meet the needs of their customers. Nobody wants irrelevant $900 smartphones that aren't making a real splash. Here's why we should loo...

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